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Volbeat Rum Limited Edition

  • ​Volbeat marks their 20th anniversary by releasing a rare and very limited rum

    In 2021, Volbeat could celebrate their 20th anniversary – and as vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen says:

    “It’s important to celebrate the good things in life, and a milestone anniversary calls for a milestone spirit to celebrate with. When we realized that Volbeat was about to hit the twenty year mark we started looking for a special rum that we would be proud to call the first small batch Volbeat Rum.”
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    What they found after thorough search was this 20th anniversary rum from Guyana in the northern South America. This rum, which has been bottled in Denmark in exclusive bottles with Volbeat skullwing hanger, has been aged for 20 years in American oak casks in Guyana.

    It’s an exceptional and unique single estate rum from Guyana exclusively limited to 2,400 numbered bottles (each bottle is provided with handwritten bottle and cask no), tapped from nine different casks in carefully selected Volbeat anniversary packaging.

    “We have put a lot of effort in choosing the right bottle and making an exclusive packaging that reflects the Volbeat spirit”, says Michael Poulsen.
  • Volbeat and Volbeat Limited Edition Rum share common roots: both coming to fruition in 2001. While Michael Poulsen and Jon Larsen were laying down the foundations of what would become the very first Volbeat songs in Denmark, Diamond Distillery started distilling what would become Volbeat Limited Edition Rum across the Atlantic in Guyana. As Michael Poulsen says:

    “An incredible rum with a rich and pure taste with scents of vanilla, wood and leather that just happened to be aged to perfection starting twenty years ago.”
  • Volbeat Limited Edition Rum, originally scheduled to hit the shelves in 2021, the official year of Volbeat’s anniversary, was delayed due to general supply chain challenges, especially the demand for bottle glass made it impossible. However, that’s history – now it’s here to be enjoyed among good friends and great tunes.

    “We hope you enjoy this uniquely distilled and packaged rum as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. Here is to another twenty years and beyond,” says Volbeat vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen.

  • Single Estate
    Guyana Rum
    Aged 20 Years
    Only 2,400 bottles
    Handwritten BTL and Cask No